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A New Year, A New Site

Hi! What a crazy year 2023 was. There were horse shows, robots, trains and, you guessed it, more horses.

The market for video production has changed a bit over the past year.

Let's first talk about:

Stock Video.

We've been creating content for stock for about 10 years. We upload most of it to as they handle the distribution. We used to get $20-$35 a sale but now we are seeing sales in the $3 range and it's put us into a bit of a conundrum. Do we keep making more content, following certain trends like FPV drones or do we stop stock production together and refocus on longer format content for social platforms?

This is something to figure out over the next year. We have a few partners we curate for so we want to get those backlogs cleared.


Jeff Ridout recently became an advanced drone pilot. Barking Mad Media inc now can shoot drones pretty much anywhere (With Transport Canada's Approval.) If you are in the East Coast and need a reviewer, we recommend Kathleen Ledge.

She's a real pilot and a fantastic teacher and guide.

We currently have the MP3 Cine as the flagship of our fleet. We fly an Avata, and an MP2 and on occasion rent the Inspire 3 for larger projects.

Social Outreach.

One thing we need to do more is get our content on social. We have recently been showcased on the site DesignRush as a featured Video production company. Check them out here. They have some great content for small businesses looking to build and expand their companies.


We are currently working with a couple of partners to produce more Equestrian work and looking forward to sharing some of the features, ads and social pieces we will be creating over the year.


We recently completed a short mini-doc for ATS Life Sciences (Based in Cambridge ON) to be broadcasted by Business Insider UK. It will be live by February. A link will follow.


We are wrapping up our yearly contract with Metrolinx to shoot their B-Roll including some unique drone footage. Check out our Instagram for more samples of our drone work.

Let's hope that 2024 will be an exciting year.

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